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The Key-April 2021

April 2021

Hygiene United Methodist Church PO Box 76 7542 Hygiene Road - Hygiene, CO 80533

Worship 10:00am in the parking lot on station 89.9 fm Communion shared monthly (1st Sunday of each month) Office Hours are by appointment any time on ZOOM and by phone. Call 303-776-0700 Church Website

From Pastor Rick

The story is told about a daredevil who was about to ride a bicycle across a tightrope that was strung over a deep gorge. A crowd had come to see this daring feat, and even paid to see it. Seeking encouragement or maybe just crowd involvement, he asked the spectators if they believed he could make it across the gorge, and many of them cheered him on and shouted that yes, they believed he could do it. The daredevil then uncovered the bicycle and revealed that it had a second seat. “All right,” he said, “who among the believers will ride with me?” To have faith is to trust, to climb aboard, and take a lifelong ride with Christ. I found that story in one of my current text books, “By Water and the Spirit,” and it was used to illustrate what the profession of faith we make during Baptism really means. I ask you, what does your faith mean to you? Are you willing to climb on and take a ride with Christ wherever he takes you? Remember, that salvation in not and a one-time event, it is a journey. What better time to think about our journey with Christ than during this season of Easter that is all about new beginnings. See you Sunday, Pastor Rick

From the Lay Leader

The year is going by so very fast, already April. We have been meeting via Zoom and drive in church. Pastor Rick has really done a great job each worship times. It will be great to be back in our little brick church hopefully in May of all goes well. But you know this time has opened my eyes. God's church is where two or more are gathered. How true that is! Although it will be grand to be in the church again. I am so proud of all those who have helped out, reading scripture, putting up tent, bringing a heater for the pastor, taking equipment down after service taking the collection baskets and all the other things that it takes to make Sunday worship meaningful to all who attend. While we are on the path to see the end of the tunnel may we always be in mind how blessed we have been. Easter has come and is now just a memory, but the good news is He is risen indeed, let us sing Hallelujah with a celebration in our voices and gladness in our very being. To all safe travels until we meet again. Andy

Thank Yous!

Thanks to Leroy for removing the snow from the parking lot each time needed. Thank you to Pastor Rick for organizing our Lenten Study! Enjoy the zoom meeting each Wednesday starting at 6:30. Come join in the event, it won't disappoint for sure.

Special Sundays April 18 — Native American Ministries Sunday Please consider a special offering supporting Native American Ministries on Sunday, April 18. Last year the Committee on Native American Ministries helped provide food, water, cleaning materials and infant supplies to the Navajo Nation reservation during the Covid shutdowns. Our gifts support existing ministries and seminary scholarships for United Methodist Native Americans. If you would like to make a donation, please designate it as “Native American Ministries” and place it in the offering on April 18th. Click here to read more Remaining Special Sundays in 2021 May 30 — Peace with Justice Sunday October 3 — World Communion Sunday November 28 — United Methodist Student Day

Our thanks to those helping to plan the reopening of the sanctuary! Thank you to Pastor Rick for a beautiful Easter Service with communion. We are a blessed church!

Our prayers go out to Vicky this week. Her Aunt and Brother both passed. Continued prayers for my young friend Misha. He had to go back to surgery to remove a hematoma. I have yet to hear word on him and am concerned. Prayers for Chad Denphy (sp?) a friend of Sandy Long's who is fighting cancer and whose family has come down with COVID. We are thankful to have Irene looking well and she is grateful for all your prayers/calls/cards. Continued prayers for those touched by what happened in Boulder.

Road Trip

by Jim Young Happy Easter to all. The Oklahoma Conference opened today, and we were privileged to attend our old church in Tulsa, Historic Boston Avenue. Beautiful lillies, magnificent pipe organ, limited vocal music with brass accompaniment, hymns (2 stanzas each), reservations only with social distancing and masks, and, most importantly, old friends and family. The message offered a traditional analysis of the empty tomb, but also announced a 100 day initiative to kick off teaching and racial reconciliation at the centennial of the 1921 Tulsa race riot. Photo (below) shows Sarah with her 87 year old mother. Tulsa has green grass, blooming azalea, dogwood, redbuds. Travel has taken us to Lake Powell, Phoenix to see son and family, and Tulsa. Next stop my family in Kansas before returning home. We have enjoyed much natural beauty and wall to wall visits with loved ones from whom we have been isolated for a year. All has been liberating, but we look forward to being back home! We miss our HUMC brethren; Regards to all. Jim and Sarah

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