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HUMC’s Stained Glass Windows 

Restoration & Preservation Project


UPDATE: The restoration of the stained glass windows is underway!  You can read more about this undertaking in the recent Times Call article below.


Stained Glass Restoration by Times Call















The Hygiene United Methodist Church has undertaken a major two year project to restore and preserve the stained glass windows of our landmarked church building. The stained glass windows are believed to be made from Kokomo glass and were first installed in the original Longmont Presbyterian Church which was built in 1875. In 1905, when the Presbyterian congregation decided not to re-use them in their new church, they donated them to our church.  Our church, which was built in 1905, was designed to highlight the windows. Stained glass windows usually have a lifespan of 70 to 100 years.  Our windows are already over 140 years old.  More information about the history of the church building and the windows can be found here.


The windows have become fragile as they have aged.  The lead cames that hold the glass pieces in place and in a flat plane are deteriorating and showing fissures.   The fissures are the result of age, wind force, and the heating and cooling cycles. The Plexiglas, that was installed to try to protect the windows, is instead increasing the stress on the lead cames. Over the years, cracks have appeared in the glass.  Church members replaced broken pieces but could not always find matching glass. Several of the window panels are starting to bow.  If the windows are not repaired, they could collapse. The project will give the windows their first professional restoration.  We invite you to watch a video on the anticipated restoration process. 



















The project will cost approximately $75,652. The church’s recent inaugural Apple Festival raised $7,905 for the project--which brings the total amount of HUMC funds saved for the project to $30,000. The HUMC Stained Glass Committee has developed and submitted several applications for grant funding for the remaining necessary funds. In November 2015, HUMC was awarded a grant of $3,000 from the United Methodist Church Foundation and received preliminary approval for a $10,000 grant from Boulder County’s Historic Rehabilitation Grant Program. Word is expected in February 2016 on whether the Colorado State Historical Fund will grant the application for an award of $54,495.00.









These historic stained glass windows pre-date the 1906 structure.  They were donated by the First Presbyterian Church of Longmont when they decided not to re-use them in the new church they built.


Hygiene United Methodist Church was built around the vintage windows.  These beautiful stained glass windows need to be repaired and restored.  This historical landmark, which includes these unique windows needs to be preserved.

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